Anger over Quran burning spreads in Afghanistan –

Here’s the link to the story from the Boston Globe:

Yet another tragic event has played out because of a senseless show of religious intolerance at a Florida church.  Coincidentally, this was the same church at which the Rev. Terry Jones threatened to burn the Koran last fall but backed off after pressure from the Obama Administration.  I find it very suspicious that two incidents involving burning the Koran (and this time the Koran was actually burned) have now occurred at the same exact church.  Where was Terry Jones and why didn’t he discourage the reverend from burning the Koran?  When things like this happen, they reflect negatively upon the entire United States, not just on the people that commit the bigotry.  This is no longer only an American issue because UN and NATO workers from other European countries lost their lives in the violence all because of this horrible hate crime.  The federal government should have done more to prevent this from happening like it did with the Terry Jones situation, but by letting the event play out it the United States now has some back-pedaling to do to preserve positive relations with Afghanistan and its other allies in the Arab world.  Wayne Sapp, the pastor at the Florida church who burned the Koran, is quoted as saying: “I in no way feel like our church is responsible for what happened.”  When statements like these are made public, they demonstrate that freedom of religion in the United States doesn’t come without persecution and prejudices.  This statement places blame on those who practice the religion of Islam and follow the Koran and essentially groups all those who commit acts of terrorism as well as peaceful Muslims into the same category, when in reality not all terrorists are Muslims and there are Christian terrorist sects that follow the Bible.  It is clear that the reverend that succeeded in burning the Koran has a great deal of ignorance in terms of not looking at the big picture of global terrorism as well as not understanding why the United States and other states are still in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Middle East.


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