Getting out the Italian vote

Italian Elections 2013

Today and tomorrow, Italians are heading to the polls to elect members of Parliament (MPs) and the next Prime Minister.  The politicians who are elected will in turn elect the next President of the Republic, who is currently Giorgio Napolitano.  The current Prime Minister is Mario Monti, who is running for re-election.  This is the first time Italians have been to the polls since 2008 and a lot has changed in Europe since then.  Like I’ve said before, this is a HUGE, possibly historic election, and we could see the birth of a new Republic.  Basically, the outcomes are a big deal for Europe and the future of the Euro and EU.  I’ll have a full recap once the results have been finalized…thought I would share this graphic which was on Google’s homepage today, proof that these elections are a big deal! (If it made it on Google, it has to be big, right?)

>Article on why this election matters so much here


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