Kyoto 2013- Italy met its goal!

A recent study, “Kyoto 2013,” reveals that Italy successfully met its Kyoto Protocol target and reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 7 percent.  The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement between states to help deter climate change and reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  Some argue that the global recession over the last few years contributed to keeping industrialized countries like Italy on track to meeting their Kyoto targets, but there is still a lot of work to be done.  Studies suggest, for example, that pollution from Heavy Goods Vehicles costs Europe approx. 40 billion pounds annually, in addition to its enormous health costs.

Check out this photo essay that I did for my photojournalism class.  I took some photos around my neighborhood in Rome to show how Italy met its Kyoto target and also to show what work still has to be done.  These photos were taken in Monteverde, Rome so it also shows you a little bit of where I live!  Here’s the short slideshow:


Kyoto 2013: How did Italy do?


One thought on “Kyoto 2013- Italy met its goal!

  1. Hi Daniel I have no idea aout blogs and all that and I am still catching up on your travels…. I want to thank you for the postcard! It meant so much knowing how busy you are. I can tell you are ahving the time of your life …th epics of the Pope!!!!!!! ________________________________________Wishing you the best and my prayers for safe travel are with you daily. I saw something to write on but noticed it was from your aunt so thot I hit a family thing…. ENJOY. I will treat you to Luigis when you return…now that i know it isn’t really italian! Be safe mrs. leskouski

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