Videos from Abroad, Part 1: The World Meets Pope Francis

Sign supporting Pope FranicsI was lucky enough to be able to take some video with my iPhone during my time abroad to capture some of the most significant and defining moments of my study abroad experience.  When I was standing in St. Peter’s Square on the evening of Pope Francis’ election, I knew that the video that I was taking was special.  I now have crucial moments of world history recorded that I can watch again and again, thank goodness for technology!

The videos in this post are those that I took on the night of Pope Francis’ election.  From the white smoke, to the Vatican band marching in announcing “we have a pope,” to Pope Francis first Apostolic Blessing and greeting to the world, I was able to record it all and am sharing it with you.  From watching the videos, I hope you are able to get a sense of what it was like to stand in a crowd of over 300,000 people and hear a collage of languages being spoken, see hundreds of news cameras rolling, and have so many unanswered questions such as “What is the new pope’s name?”  “Is he speaking in Latin or Italian?”  “Where is he from?”, and know that the entire world is watching you.

The videos are on my vimeo account because WordPress does not allow enough space to upload the videos that I took, and there are only two videos up due to vimeo having space limits on how much video you can upload per week, so more videos will be coming next week!  Here’s the link for the first two videos: first 2 videos.  Also, make sure to take my quick poll on Pope Franics here!!  Ciao per ora!


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