Videos from Abroad, Part 2: Watching History Unfold

Pope Francis speaks to the world for the first timeHere is the link for the last video that I will post from my semester abroad and from the night that Pope Francis was elected in March.  You can also view the other two videos if you haven’t had a chance to yet.  This latest video on my vimeo account shows Pope Francis’ first address to the world as well as his first Apostolic Blessing as pope from the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica.  By watching you can grasp the feeling of excitement in the crowd and hear how enthusiastic people are about their new Jesuit/Argentinian pope.  Keep in mind that Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis’ name before his papacy) had only minutes to think about what he would say to the world.  Language is also another aspect of this video.  With the little Italian I knew, I could barely understand what the new pope was saying, yet you could tell by the energy of the crowd that what he was saying was pleasing people.  No matter what language you spoke, this speech was powerful; just witnessing it was enough never mind understanding it.

But the fact remains that the pope chose to speak in Italian, a language that the majority of the Church does not speak.  Most of the Church lies in the global south, which is dominated by Spanish, French, as well as English speakers.  The pope was basically obligated to speak in Italian since he was taking office as the new Bishop of Rome so that his own congregation could understand him, but I doubt that he would have chosen Italian if it wasn’t for that fact.  Even though Italian is very similar to Spanish, much of the world most likely could not understand what the pope was saying.  People who are spoken to in a language they cannot understand feel alienated and obviously left out of the conversation.  It will be interesting to see in the future how the language of the papacy (Vatican City’s official language is still Latin, a tradition stemming from Ancient Roman times) evolves and what role Francis will have in that.

Look for a post tomorrow with the pictures of all of the different foods and dishes that I tried while abroad (and bring your appetites)….

P.S….Check out this video, you can see me at the 1 minute mark in the background of the women being interviewed before I was interviewed by Anderson!

Yes, I got to meet and get interviewed by Anderson Cooper too!

Yes, I got to meet and get interviewed by Anderson Cooper too!


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