Dan’s Back…For a Whole New Adventure

Hello Followers!

You’re most likely wondering why you haven’t been getting any posts from me over the past five months.  Any excuse other than the fact that I have been vigorously working since September under heavy course loads just wouldn’t cut it.  But the good news is that I’m back, and embarking on an entirely new adventure.

This new adventure is broadly referred to as “the real world.”  I am a second semester senior, preparing to graduate with a B.A. in Journalism and a second major in Political Science.  The big day (graduation) is three months away and the pressure is on to start hunting for jobs, networking, and attending as many career fairs as possible.  This year, I am the travel editor of AmherstWire.Com, and this semester I am interning as an editorial assistant at GoNOMAD.com, an alternative travel website based in South Deerfield, Massachusetts.

You may notice some changes to my blog since you last visited.  Sadly, I am no longer abroad in Rome and had to adjust the blog accordingly.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing about my experiences in Italy last year and am so lucky to have a following like all of you to share them with. I believe that traveling means nothing unless you share your experiences with those who did not go with you, and for those who have never seen or experienced different cultures besides their own. I hope from my writing that you were able to learn something about Italy and were inspired to one day travel there yourself (it could happen!)

This semester, my blog is taking a different approach.  I am using this blog for one of my courses, Multimedia Journalism.  I have blog assignments for this course and will be posting those assignments to this blog.  I hope that you will be able to see a new side to my writing that is different from travel writing.  I will be blogging a lot about current events in the news and analyzing news stories that pop up.

But, for those of you who miss my travel writing, I have a surprise in store for you!  This year, I am fortunate enough to be traveling to a few destinations, one of them in the U.S. and the others are abroad. I will announce where I’m going in the near future, but wanted to let you know that more travel writing is coming eventually and I am excited so far with what 2014 has lined up for me!

So stay tuned and I look forward to sharing my final semester as a Journalism major with you as I prepare to once again enter a new chapter in my life!


p.s. check out some photos I took last weekend for my Photojournalism class of an Amherst Open House Party for Martha Coakley, the Massachusetts Attorney General and democratic candidate for governor:IMG_0175IMG_0147IMG_0050IMG_0033IMG_0101IMG_0038IMG_0153




One thought on “Dan’s Back…For a Whole New Adventure

  1. Nice post, Dan. But, don’t forget your links! And, you could put those photos on your Flickr account and link to that….

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