Why Journalism?

Meet Maria Uminski, a student in my Multimedia Journalism class, on why she chose journalism as a major and where she sees the field going in the future.


2 thoughts on “Why Journalism?

  1. Hi Dan. Hope it’s OK with you that I posted this video on the SBS website. I’m loving your blog which I’ve been following since you landed in Rome. Congrats on the GoNomad internship. My intern Taylor Gilmore wrote you earlier this week about doing a storyhope you’re interested. __________________________ Sabine Cray Director of Communications and Marketing College of Social and Behavioral Sciences 221 Draper Hall University of Massachusetts Amherst 40 Campus Center Way Amherst, MA 01003-9244 T: 413.545.0694 F: 413.577.0905

    http://www.umass.edu/sbs http://www.facebook.com/sbs.umass http://www.twitter.com/SBS_UMass http://www.youtube.com/SBSUMass

    • Sabine,

      Yes that is perfectly fine thank you for sharing and getting my work out there! I emailed Taylor back and am grateful for the opportunity, thanks so much for reaching out!


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