118 and 1 Year Later: The Boston Marathon is Stronger Than Ever

UMass United ralley April 16, 2014 231Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it! Easter is always better when its sunny and warm out, and today seems to fit that bill in Boston! Today brings me back to last year’s Easter, when I was in Rome and went to Easter Sunday Mass at the Vatican, something I’ll never forget, it’s an incredible cultural experience I’m grateful to have had.


Spring is in full gear and I’ve been busy this past month as I prepare to close one chapter of my life and begin another. I’ve been applying to jobs and am getting ready to do a lot of traveling in the coming months. I’m finally ready to reveal where and when I’ll be traveling! Here’s the list:

1) This week I’ll be flying down to Virginia for an “Old School Tour” of Western Virginia. The tour includes Roanoke, Staunton and Lexington, Virginia. Very excited about this and I’m on assignment for GoNOMAD, so watch for the story in a few weeks!

2) The second week in May I’ll be in Washington, D.C. celebrating my graduation with friends. I’m looking forward to seeing all the sights, taking a tour of the U.S. Capitol and hopefully the White House. This will be my second visit to the nation’s capital, the last time I was there was May 2006 for an eighth grade class trip.

3) The last two weeks in June and beginning of July I’ll be going on my fourth trip to Europe!! I’m going with my family to celebrate my graduation and will be touring Ireland, London, and Barcelona, Spain. We’ve been planning this one for a while and I am starting to get antsy, all three places are beautiful and full of vibrancy. I can’t wait to share more details with you soon!


On April 9, UMass basketball’s Derrick Gordon became the first openly gay NCAA Div. 1 basketball player. The UMass Amherst community immediately showed its support for Gordon following his coming out and planned a rally for the following week, April 16, called “UMass United,” to show its support for Gordon and the entire LGBTQ community. Check out my photos from the rally here, I have never felt more proud to be a student at UMass.

Tomorrow I’ll be live tweeting the 118th running of the Boston Marathon. This will be my first time going to the race and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. Follow me on Twitter for updates starting at 10a.m. @djpeltier for live updates from along the route!



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