Boston Stronger 2014: Beantown Takes Back It’s Marathon

Boston Marathon 2014 267On Monday, I photographed the 118th running of the Boston Marathon. I was at Mile 13 in Wellesley, known for its “scream tunnel.” Its a marathon tradition for the Wellesley College girls to blow kisses and scream encouragement to the runners as they hit the half way mark.

This was my first time attending the marathon as a spectator and I am overwhelmingly glad that I went. By going to this year’s marathon, I saw that #BostonStrong is so much more than a hashtag on Twitter, it’s a lifestyle for the people of Boston.

I was tweeting away as the first group of runners ran through Wellesley center on Boston Marathon 2014 263Washington Street. I missed the elite runners but was there when the first group of non-elite runners passed through. Cell service was spotty along the route but I managed to get some photos and videos up while I was at the marathon. I curated all of my tweets and put them into a Storify, which is a creative way to bring stories to life using social media. You can view my Storify story, which will show you all of my tweets and photos in chronological order as I tweeted them, by following the link directly below this sentence:

[View the story “Mile 13 of the 2014 Boston Marathon, April 21, 2014” on Storify]

I also took over 300 photos on Monday, and you can view them on my picasa web album here.

From talking to people along the route in Wellesley, I found the general consensus to be that this marathon didn’t feel too different from last year’s. Sure, a horrific tragedy happened that will be an undertone to the event for years to come. But besides a heavy police presence (police from as far away as New York City were along the route), the 2014 Boston Marathon was the best marathon yet. There was still cheering, traditions, laughter, tears of joy and an American won! 2014 will forever be known as the year Boston took back its marathon, and I can’t put a price on being able to be there for that.

And I loved watching the marathon in Wellesley. It’s not Hopkinton or the finish line, but there’s still a ton of high energy and its the half way mark. I would recommend it as a viewing area because its easy to find parking on a side street and there’s plenty of food along Washington Street. Plus, it’s an emotional point in the race. Some runners will stop here and only run a half marathon while others are just realizing that they still have 13.2 miles to go!

The signs were my favorite part of being there, and I have one example below and many more on my picasa. There was an equal mix of words of encouragement and Boston Strong spirit, with many signs combining both. I’ve been to a lot of cities around the world, but no city has more spirit, determination, and strength than Boston. That’s a definite.  See everyone at the 2015 marathon!


A marathon bombing survivor returns to run the 2014 marathon in true Boston Strong spirit.

A marathon bombing survivor returns to run the 2014 marathon in true Boston Strong spirit
























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