Dan’s On Tour!

My Mom and I on my graduation day at UMass Amherst

My Mom and I on my graduation day at UMass Amherst

Today, I’m embarking on another adventure that is shaping up to be one of my best Euro trips yet! I’m traveling to Ireland, London and Barcelona, and am ready to hit the ground running. I’ll be admiring the landscapes of Ireland and it’s stunning beauty. In London I’ll be learning about the royals and indulging in all things British. And in Barcelona, I’ll be sampling sangria and tapas and marveling at the unique architecture that blankets this Olympic city and Spanish gem.

By the time you read this, I’ll already be flying across the Atlantic about to touch down on the shores of western Ireland. This will be my second time to Ireland and London, but first time to Barcelona.

Going to Spain seems out-of-place considering the majority of the trip is focused on Ireland/UK, but Barcelona is the one city I didn’t get to when I was abroad, so I convinced my mom that we had to go. Speaking of my mom, she is joining me on this adventure as well. This will be her first time to all of these places but second time to Europe, so as you can imagine she’s itching to get the trip started.

In Ireland, we’ll be renting a car and driving around the countryside, stopping in Galway, Killarney, Waterford and Dublin. We’ll be staying with family I have in Waterford in a seaside resort town called Dungarvan. It’s one of the prettiest places in Ireland with views you have to see to believe. I’ll also be doing the Ring of Kerry for the first time which is supposed to be one of the most awe-inspiring things to see in Ireland.

In London, we’ll be making all the usual tourist stops and hopefully seeing the Harry Potter Studio and as much as we can, London is huge! In Barcelona, we’ll be seeing the impressive masterpieces of Gaudi, checking out the beaches on the Mediterranean, and getting a feel for what Spanish culture is like.

Throughout all of this, the World Cup will be going on, and European fans are INSANE when it comes to soccer, or “football,” and the cup. We’re hoping to catch some of the action and excitement (I don’t think we’ll have a problem with that).

My mom deserves the biggest shout-out I can give for making this trip possible. Without her, I definitely wouldn’t be

My Mom and I on the Grand Canal in Venice last year

My Mom and I on the Grand Canal in Venice last year

going. So, mom, THANK YOU for being awesome and believing in the power and magic of travel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a pretty sweet graduation present! Not many moms would give this kind of gift for graduating college, so I think I have it pretty good.

To follow us on our trip, please follow me on Twitter @djpeltier, and also on Instagram: danpeltier20. I’ll be posting photos and updates about our trip on both networks and they’re probably going to be spectacular.

Allow me to quote Confucius, he once said, “wherever you go, go with all your heart.” We are both going with our hearts wide open, ready to absorb all the love we will feel from our destination cities. I believe that there is nothing better for your heart and soul then opening them up to new cultures, people and places. With that said, “follow” me on my adventure and maybe you’ll fall in love with the cities through my pictures.

My next post will be in a few weeks after I return to Boston, so until then, route for Team USA!



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